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“Vaibhav is great at demand generation.”
Shailesh Chitnis, Co-founder -

Clear execution, sustained growth

Prioritize efforts – Focus on channels that work best for you
Execute faster
Get results and don't waste time on trials
Find the balance – Find the sweet spot to balance budget & wins
Measure to improve – Define metrics to improve results faster
Prioritize efforts

Focus on channels that matter

Depending on your revenue and scale, there are channels that will give you better return than others.

I help you focus on the right channels for your stage of growth.
Robert Dunford
Google Search
Campaign setup
25% complete
Execute faster

Know what works out of the box

In B2B markets, volumes are low and conclusive trials take a long time.

I help jumpstart the demand generation process by learning from my expertise of working with different companies, industries and stages of growth.
Invest better

Find the sweet spot for your scale

I help you answer critical questions for demand generation so you always invest your capital in the right channels at the right time with great quality.
Analyze and improve

Improve results with clear analytics

Clear analytics are the key to sustained, high-velocity growth.

I help you implement the right tools and systems to measure user behavior and also ask the right questions for growth.
Marketing and sales technology

Executed growth on several platforms

Growth analytics

Answer your top growth questions with analytics.

I help you setup the right tools and systems to answer growth questions with data.
Help you turn the switch and frame business questions in the right way
Propose and implement the right tools and systems to collect performance metrics.
Create reports and dashboards to help you visualize and analyze the data.

Why B2B startups trust my process

Good with tech – Launched and grown complex tech products
Strategic execution – The right balance of strategy & execution
Great with analytics – Setup metrics to measure and improve
“I recommend Veb to anyone looking for a senior, skillful marketer.”
Saulo Martins
Growth Lead - Sastrix GmbH |
Top rated by 50+ B2B companies

Your website is at the heart of B2B marketing growth

Here's an insane stat: 81% of marketing teams find website ownership a persistent challenge: While marketing teams are the definite owners of the customer experience, the majority feel restricted by designers and developers — limiting their ability to deliver on their marketing vision and goals.

Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles.

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“Vaibhav worked on my demand generation campaigns, but truly he was my “go-to” campaign manager. I was very glad to know that it was Vaibhav that was managing my campaigns.”

Michelle Killebrew
Marketing Director - IBM Coremetrics
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