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B2B content strategy and direction
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“Veb brings great clarity in SEO & content.”
Kaus Manjita, Co-founder and CEO - Mason and ModeMagic

Strategic content-driven growth

Keyword research – Clearly know what's on your buyers' minds
Content planning – Plan better with topics, schedule and authors
Content distribution – Distribute content to reach your buyers fast
Impact analytics – Measure the impact of content on business
Keyword research

Know what matters to your buyers

Combine the strategic understanding of your buyers with tactical expertise in keyword research.

Truly understand what your buyers are looking for and how they think about B2B purchases.
Angela Miles
Content planning

Create the right quality content

With the right audience profiles and keyword prioritization, you can focus on content that generates real value.

I help you build a content plan, target the right formats, manage resourcing and give direction for content quality.
Content distribution

Maximize the reach of your content

Your content is only as good as the number of potential buyers it reaches in time.

With my expertise in demand generation I help plan and execute distribution of content on different channels to generate buyer interest.
Robert Dunford
Google Search
Campaign setup
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Impact analysis

Measure to improve with clear metrics

Clear analytics are the key to sustained, high-velocity growth.

I help you implement the right tools and systems to measure the real impact of content so your team can keep improving.
B2B content strategy

Build trust with your B2B buyers

Great content gives results only when it influences your B2B buyers to make the choices they wouldn't otherwise make.
Understand what your B2B buyers truly want at different stages of their buying journey.
Work with your teams to build a schedule for content creation for maximum impact.
Help your teams distribute content on the right channels at the right time to reach B2B buyers.

How To Build Trust With B2B Content Marketing

As more companies embrace SaaS, your customers are constantly bombarded with more product information. B2B buyers don’t want more, but what’s right for them.
“I recommend Veb to anyone looking for a senior, skillful marketer.”
Saulo Martins
Growth Lead - Sastrix GmbH |
Top rated from 35+ startups

Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles.

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“Vaibhav worked on my demand generation campaigns, but truly he was my “go-to” campaign manager. I was very glad to know that it was Vaibhav that was managing my campaigns.”

Michelle Killebrew
Marketing Director - IBM Coremetrics
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