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“Veb really knows his stuff. I recommend him to anyone.”
Saulo Martins
Growth Lead - Sastrix GmbH |
“Working with Veb has been instrumental for IgnitePOST.”
Arian Radmand
Founder & CEO - Turngram Inc | Ignitepost
“Veb’s services are incredibly hard to beat.”
Ashland Stansbury
Founder & CEO - Because Intelligence
“We relied on Veb's expertise for growth of our SaaS products.”
Kaus Manjitha
Founder & CEO - Mason | ModeMagic
“Great skills, great communication, great results!”
Kay Wackwitz
Founder & CEO - Drone Industry Insights
“Vaibhav helped us make the right choices at an early stage.”
Akash Mahajan
Founder & CEO - Kloudle

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“Great skills, great results!”
Kay Wackwitz, Founder -
Customer reviews

Top rated by B2B companies

“Veb really knows his stuff. He helped us set up the baseline for scalable marketing.

He brought planning, structure, tracking, and great insights.

I recommend Veb to anyone who is looking for a skillful senior marketer.”

Saulo Martins
Growth Lead - Sastrix GmbH |


New leads in less than 3 weeks

“Vaibhav helped us make the right choices for our cloud security business at an early stage of growth.

With Vaibhav's insights and execution on our go-to-market, website and content strategy, we were able to quickly setup the base for launching and scaling our demand generation.”

Akash Mahajan
Co-founder -

10 weeks

SaaS website and demand generation plan

“Veb created a vision and execution plan for our VC-backed Shopify app including multiple versions of product messaging, keyword strategy, and performance analytics leading to record breaking downloads on Shopify app store!

Veb’s care and precision over our strategy means his services are incredibly hard to beat.”

Ashland Stansbury
Founder & CEO - Because Intelligence


Customer store growth in 3 months

“It was a pleasure working with Vaibhav. He helped us craft the messaging from scratch, really owned the project, took time to understand the market, competitors and space.

We are continuing to work with Vaibhav for strategic marketing.”

Gautam Rishi
Founder and CEO -


New customer accounts within 3 months

“Working with Veb has been instrumental for IgnitePOST.  His ability to test, iterate, and constantly improve on our Shopify Search Ads strategy gave us the ability to dial in our acquisition extremely effectively.  

It's rare to find a marketer like Veb that can understand the bigger picture of what our business was trying to achieve while also effectively executing specific initiatives to reach business goals.”

Arian Radmand
Founder and CEO -


New active customers on Shopify

“Veb streamlined the growth for our Shopify App by recommending key changes to our messaging, search ads strategy, and visual identity. He also led the complete planning and execution for our new website.

With his rich experience in SaaS and B2B technology, Veb's insights are invaluable in making strategic decisions for product, resourcing, customer experience and growth in any early stage startup.”

El Madani
Founder and CEO - Shipowise Inc |


ROAS on Shopify App Store with 1000+ new customers

Why B2B startups trust my process

Good with tech – Launched and grown complex tech products
Strategic execution – The right balance of strategy & execution
Great with analytics – Setup metrics to measure and improve
Customer reviews

Fast execution, sustained impact

“It was great working with Vaibhav! We are very happy with his work.

We will be working with him on an ongoing basis.”

Georgina Gonzalez
Product Manager - ActivePrime CRM


Increase in product engagement

“Vaibhav is the best growth consultant and brings great clarity in SEO & analytics. We leaned on Vaibhav's expertise for growing our multiple SaaS products.

I highly recommend Vaibhav to kickstart and grow your B2B marketing.”

Kaus Manjita
Co-founder and CEO - Mason and ModeMagic

0 - 3000

App installs in under 3 months

“Vaibhav is great at demand generation, constantly learning new and better ways to execute campaigns. He's very data-driven, which is key in growth marketing. I have been impressed by his ability to get things done.

Vaibhav is an asset in any fast-paced environment.”

Shailesh Chitnis
Co-founder -


B2B pharma leads generated in 3 months

“Veb helped us grow our SEO, e-mail and organic visibility leading to a record-setting quarter of drone industry report sales.

Vaibhav brings a mix of great skills, great communication, and great results!”

Kay Wackwitz
Founder and CEO -


Quarterly e-commerce sales

“We've worked with Vaibhav for over a year and have been consistently very happy with his work and his SEO advice.

His delivery is thorough and timely and the results are as we agreed. Looking forward to the next project with Veb!”

Ed Alvarado
Editor & Content Manager -


Organic growth using technical and on-page SEO

"It was great working with Vaibhav for framing our ideas and for building the brand story for Thrive - Purpose, Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Vaibhav structured our ideas into refined message that clearly articulated our brand vision to our employees, customers and investors.

If you're a founder trying to figure out how to approach your company or market strategy, I definitely recommend working with Vaibhav."

Karan Chachani
Co-Founder, Thrive | Backed by Jubilant FoodWorks & Coca Cola


with company purpose, vision, mission and core values

"Veb worked to test, measure, and iterate on our Shopify app store listing - messaging, copy, keywords and search ads - and generated valuable installs and growth for that channel.

With his clarity and deep knowledge of B2B marketing he helped us make the right growth choices and backed those decisions up with data that gave us  confidence we were making the right decisions.

Veb also strategized, planned and executed on a website overhaul giving us a solid base to keep investing in demand generation for IgnitePOST."

Arian Radmand
Founder and CEO -


Organic growth using technical and on-page SEO

"Veb worked with Laboremus to define our B2B SaaS marketing, product messaging and growth roadmap. He gave us valuable insights and help implement these insights in our sales operations, CRM management and to improve our B2B product value proposition.

Vaibhav also executed on key tactics including messaging, website, content and events. Working with Vaibhav has helped up kick-start our B2B marketing and I can strongly recommend working with Vaibhav for your B2B marketing and growth."

Frieda Hamster
Chief Commercial Officer -

Kick-start growth

Product marketing, website and content, events

"Veb was absolutely amazing. His process for walking a founder through and discovering their brands strengths and weaknesses was truly incredible.

If you are feeling stuck finding your voice and articulating it, hire Veb!"

Matthew Curtis
Founder and CEO -

Brand strategy

Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy and Positioning
“I recommend Veb to anyone looking for a senior, skillful marketer.”
Saulo Martins
Growth Lead - Sastrix GmbH |
Top rated by 50+ B2B companies

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“Vaibhav worked on my demand generation campaigns, but truly he was my “go-to” campaign manager. I was very glad to know that it was Vaibhav that was managing my campaigns.”

Michelle Killebrew
Marketing Director - IBM Coremetrics
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