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“Vaibhav helped us make the right choices at an early stage of growth.”
Akash Mahajan, Founder & CEO-

Clear product strategy, faster growth

Understand buyers – Know what matters to your B2B customers
Analyze competition – See how other brands have grown faster
Position the product – Align your product value with buyer needs
Create messaging – Add the right message on every channel
Angela Miles

Understand your target B2B buyers

Learn what matters to your B2B customers and how it impacts your strategy.
Your competitors
Analysis and digital strategy benchmarks

Analyze and benchmark competitors

Get a data-first view of your competitor landscape to make the right choices.
Product positioning
Align to buyer priorities

Position your product better

Clearly identify what makes your product unique for your customers
Get the right positioning in the market aligned to your strategic vision
Product messaging

Bring your product to life.

Build the perfect story to communicate the value of your product to your target customers.
Understand and articulate how your product adds value to your customers work.
Connect every capability of your product to the impact it creates for your customers.
Write simple, clear, convincing messaging on your website and other channels.

Why B2B startups trust my process

Good with tech – Launched and grown complex tech products
Strategic execution – The right balance of strategy & execution
Great with analytics – Setup metrics to measure and improve

Your website is at the heart of B2B marketing growth

Here's an insane stat: 81% of marketing teams find website ownership a persistent challenge: While marketing teams are the definite owners of the customer experience, the majority feel restricted by designers and developers — limiting their ability to deliver on their marketing vision and goals.

Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles.

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“Vaibhav worked on my demand generation campaigns, but truly he was my “go-to” campaign manager. I was very glad to know that it was Vaibhav that was managing my campaigns.”

Michelle Killebrew
Marketing Director - IBM Coremetrics
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