B2B marketing consulting and execution

I help founders make the big moves for growth

With the mix of skills, I help B2B technology founders launch and scale their business better.
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Growing in B2B markets is incredibly hard.

Marketing leaders must craft a clear and relevant message, execute cross-channel demand generation and be very comfortable with data and analytics.

I bring over 14 years experience running B2B marketing strategy and demand generation for startups and larger companies.

With the mix of skills acquired over the years I now help B2B technology companies launch and scale their business.

Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles.

Why work with me?

Balance speed and impact – I balance my work to ensure we move fast while achieving set goals.

Focused on customer value Every action is built on the desire to deliver value to your customers.

Measure everything – Clear focus on building and analytics to measure the impact of my work.

Continuous improvement – Thoughtful execution that can be continuously improved towards the goal of helping buyers make the right choices.

Why B2B startups trust my process

Good with tech – Launched and grown complex tech products
Strategic execution – The right balance of strategy & execution
Great with analytics – Setup metrics to measure and improve

Trusted by 60+ startups and companies

Customer reviews

Top rated by B2B companies

“Veb really knows his stuff. He helped us set up the baseline for scalable marketing.

He brought planning, structure, tracking, and great insights.

I recommend Veb to anyone who is looking for a skillful senior marketer.”

Saulo Martins
Growth Lead - Sastrix GmbH | Sastrify.com


New leads in less than 3 weeks

“Vaibhav helped us make the right choices for our cloud security business at an early stage of growth.

With Vaibhav's insights and execution on our go-to-market, website and content strategy, we were able to quickly setup the base for launching and scaling our demand generation.”

Akash Mahajan
Co-founder - Kloudle.com

10 weeks

SaaS website and demand generation plan

“Veb created a vision and execution plan for our VC-backed Shopify app including multiple versions of product messaging, keyword strategy, and performance analytics leading to record breaking downloads on Shopify app store!

Veb’s care and precision over our strategy means his services are incredibly hard to beat.”

Ashland Stansbury
Founder & CEO - Because Intelligence


Customer store growth in 3 months

“It was a pleasure working with Vaibhav. He helped us craft the messaging from scratch, really owned the project, took time to understand the market, competitors and space.

We are continuing to work with Vaibhav for strategic marketing.”

Gautam Rishi
Founder and CEO - Oneshot.ai


New customer accounts within 3 months

“Working with Veb has been instrumental for IgnitePOST.  His ability to test, iterate, and constantly improve on our Shopify Search Ads strategy gave us the ability to dial in our acquisition extremely effectively.  

It's rare to find a marketer like Veb that can understand the bigger picture of what our business was trying to achieve while also effectively executing specific initiatives to reach business goals.”

Arian Radmand
Founder and CEO - IgnitePOST.com


New active customers on Shopify

“Veb streamlined the growth for our Shopify App by recommending key changes to our messaging, search ads strategy, and visual identity. He also led the complete planning and execution for our new website.

With his rich experience in SaaS and B2B technology, Veb's insights are invaluable in making strategic decisions for product, resourcing, customer experience and growth in any early stage startup.”

El Madani
Founder and CEO - Shipowise Inc | Trackipal.com


ROAS on Shopify App Store with 1000+ new customers

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