Hi, I'm Veb! I help with:
Shopify App Listings
Keyword Optimization
Shopify Search Ads
Shopify App Growth Consultant

Unlock growth on Shopify app store in just weeks

Hi I'm Veb. I launch and scale new apps on the Shopify App Store.

I help Shopify App companies grow faster using my 14+ years of experience in product marketing, digital and marketing execution.
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Launched and scaled multiple Shopify Apps

Customer reviews

Top rated by Shopify App founders

“Veb created a vision and execution plan for our VC-backed Shopify App including multiple versions of product messaging, keyword strategy, and performance analytics leading to record breaking downloads on Shopify App Store!

Veb’s care and precision over our strategy means his services are incredibly hard to beat.”

Ashland Stansbury
Founder & CEO - Because Intelligence


Customer store growth in 3 months

“Veb streamlined the growth for our Shopify App by recommending key changes to our messaging, search ads strategy, and visual identity.

With his rich experience in SaaS and B2B technology, Veb's insights are invaluable in making strategic decisions for any Shopify App company.

El Madani
Founder and CEO - Shipowise Inc | Trackipal.com

568 %

ROAS on Shopify App Store with 2000+ new active customers

Thumbs up for Veb for a professional collaboration.

He brings a deep understanding of the Shopify App store and quickly learnt the specifics of our product. The messaging, copy and design changes he recommended were finely tuned to our requirements and addressed our needs perfectly.

We’re excited about achieving outcomes thanks to his Shopify App Store expertise!

Marta Borówka
Growth - Octolize Limited| Octolize.com


Shopify App Store Listing optimization and messaging

"Veb made strategic changes to our Shopify app store listing - messaging, copy, keywords and search ads - and generated valuable installs.

With his clarity and deep knowledge of B2B marketing he helped us make the right growth choices with confidence.

Veb also strategized, planned and executed on a website overhaul giving us a solid base to keep investing in demand generation for IgnitePOST."

Arian Radmand
Founder and CEO - IgnitePOST.com


New active customers on Shopify
Shopify App Launch

Launch your Shopify app with confidence

I help you setup the right mix of keywords, app store listing messaging and community engagements to ensure you get traction on the Shopify App Store from Day 1.

To further accelerate your growth from 0 to 10, I also run Shopify Search Ads and Google Ads.
App Listing Messaging

Captivate and convert Shopify store owners

Shopify App Store gives very limited space to you for explaining what the app does, why it's the best choice and cover all the benefits.

Using my experience of working with over 10 Shopify Apps, I help you make the most of that space with clear, concise and impactful messaging.
Run Shopify Search Ads
Plan and execute
Shopify Search Ads

Run search ads to stand out

No matter how well your app is built or how clearly you explain its benefits, growth on the Shopify App Store for a new app is slow.

I setup and run Shopify Search Ads for your app to help you make that jump and start securing more installs and reviews.
Measure and Improve

Measure and boost growth

After helping over 10 Shopify Apps grow faster, I deeply understand how Shopify App Store algorithms work.

I use Shopify Search Ads data and competitor analysis to help you keep improving your growth trajectory.
International Marketing
Launch and grow products globally

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“Great skills, great results!”
Kay Wackwitz, Founder - Droneii.com

How To Build Trust With B2B Content Marketing

As more companies embrace SaaS, your customers are constantly bombarded with more product information. B2B buyers don’t want more, but what’s right for them.

Frequently asked questions

I work independently as a B2B marketing consultant, registered as sole trader and I'm not affiliated with any agency.

However, I can recommend freelancers to your for example designers, content writers and more. I suggest to setup separate contracts with them to keep everything easy.
Of course, I have worked with companies in different industries across US, India, UK and Europe.

You can view the logos of a few of my customers and testimonials at the top. I can walk through my past work in our first call.

I am also building a portfolio on this website, but it’s not ready yet.
As my work is very intensive in nature, I often setup scope by project after our first conversation. This helps me understand your current stage of growth, your goals and resources so I can recommend the best plan of action.

When a clear scope can be defined, I setup the price by project.

For more flexible engagements I offer on-demand hourly rate and you can also commit to a fixed number of hours per week. In both cases, the actual time is tracked in a  shared Google Sheet so you only pay for the time spent on your projects.
You can see average prices from the past. I normally propose a customized price once we review your business goals, challenges, marketing setup and product complexity.

Hourly rate, however, is fixed and very competitive for B2B marketing consulting and execution.
Of course. In fact I strongly recommend signing a non-disclosure agreement to ensure you are comfortable sharing sensitive information with me. That’s the only way to achieve business impact.
I am location independent but I often spend time in regions where I have long-term customers or active projects. This helps with meetings and brainstorming sessions which are more effective in person. I am currently based in Lisbon but I can easily travel for work if needed.
Do you have international B2B marketing experience?
Absolutely. In over 10 years of marketing, 70% of my work has targeted US and Europe, 10% to India only and 20% to global audiences.

This includes digital of course, but I’ve also done extensive PR and event marketing for enterprise companies in US, UK and India.
Great question! A common misconception about consulting is that it is only “advice”.

In reality, consulting is about transformation and driving change in your organization. I do this by combining experience-backed recommendations, running pilot programs that drive results, building technology and analytics frameworks, and setting up processes that your team can take over. In longer engagements,

I also help founders hire and train the right people. The simplest way to explain all of the above is consulting + execution. This dispels any misunderstandings about my work.
I bring years of expertise in marketing analytics. If your analytics is properly setup, I’ll help you define the right metrics as we execute so you can see the impact.

If your analytics setup is lacking, I’ll fix it.
No. Unfortunately, in B2B marketing results depend on multiple factors across your strategy, product, acquisition, qualification and opportunity stages.

I help companies adopt industry-leading practices but realizing the outcomes is a shared responsibility.

Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles. Launch a SaaS showcase in style with Tiles.

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“Vaibhav worked on my demand generation campaigns, but truly he was my “go-to” campaign manager. I was very glad to know that it was Vaibhav that was managing my campaigns.”

Michelle Killebrew
Marketing Director - IBM Coremetrics
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