Here's an insane stat: 81% of marketing teams find website ownership a persistent challenge: While marketing teams are the definite owners of the customer experience, the majority feel restricted by designers and developers — limiting their ability to deliver on their marketing vision and goals.

Image credit: Webflow

This is why in the last few years, I've bypassed designers and developers to build websites for my B2B SaaS / Technology customers using Webflow.

For a B2B company, big or small, a website is the heart of their business. It's the primary, most impactful medium for communicating with buyers.

If the website doesn't clearly articulate value, and doesn't deliver a great user experience, no amount of $$$ spent on campaigns will generate growth.

The website is your BRAND, your CONTENT HUB and your CONVERSION CHANNEL.

Your website is everything a prospect knows about your company.

I'm tired of designer and developers not getting the business value of a website and treating it like a side project that distracts them from their product work.

It's simple. Shitty website = Stunted marketing = Terrible sales = Few buyers of your product

Webflow and other no-code platforms bring SO many benefits to companies:

  1. Create stunning, responsive and super-flexible websites in days
  2. Deliver a convincing user experience helps buyers trust your brand
  3. Be crazy agile - make changes when you want, as you want
  4. Create conversion-ready landing pages in minutes
  5. Control all technical aspects like SEO, redirects, integrations easily

Time for you to control of your website and your B2B business growth.

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